Double Down Saloon

double down saloon
Photo by Geoff Carter

Double Down Saloon
4640 Paradise Road
702-791-5775 |

Pool tables. Punk bands. Decadent murals. Porn on the TVs. Stickers on the mirrors. Ass Juice. There’s a reason Las Vegas’ Double Down Saloon is known the world over — so much so that it warranted a spin-off in New York City’s own Bowery: This shitty little punk bar is like nothing you’ve seen before or since, whether that’s good or bad.

It’s the place Rancid goes to hang out after playing to the meat heads on the Strip. It’s the place cool enough for Mike Watt to just drop by and play with a few of his friends. It has cred because it doesn’t even have to try. The drinks are stiff, the bartenders are friendly and there’s only one rule: You puke, you clean.