Neon Review: The Faint, House of Blues Las Vegas, 11/2/08

The Faint

The Faint gets kids bouncing. That’s as good a summation of any Faint concert as I can offer. I’ve now seen the Omaha, Neb.-spawned quintet twice, both times at the House of Blues Las Vegas, and each time, the result is the same: 250 or so hipsters in skinny jeans gyrating on a packed dance floor, arms flailing and hands clapping.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and as proven during its 18-song set Sunday night, The Faint delivers consistently, pumping out its not-quite-unique-but-always-welcome mash-up of electronic buzz, punk energy and new wave aesthetics. With lead singer Todd Fink getting his freak on via a mad scientist get-up complete with white lab coat and goggles (paging Dr. Horrible, Dr. Horrible to HOB), the band tore through a nearly gapless set spanning its five-album career.

Following a fun and engaging set from identity-confused rapper Kool Keith (or Dr. Dooom, or Dr. Octagon, or …), The Faint kicked things off with signature song “Agenda Suicide” and didn’t stop writhing or spaz-dancing for 14 more songs. Though the band’s tracks tend to blend after a while, that isn’t really a problem at a Faint concert, because their fans come to boogie, not take notes. And older fare such as “Worked Up So Sexual” and “The Conductor” found as much positive reception as cuts from the band’s latest album, Fasciinatiion, including “Get Seduced” and “Machine in the Ghost.”

Disappearing for a break after “I Disappear,” The Faint returned to the stage after a few minutes of the sweaty crowd chanting “one more song,” delivering songs such as “Birth” and “The Geeks Were Right” before returning to the robotic hibernation chamber from which this Midwest band emerged. We think.

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