Bennington and Shuck fall in LOVE

Bennington and Shuck
Photo by Ana Dobrijevic

Looks like Chester Bennington from Linkin Park was kicking it with Ryan Shuck from Orgy at last night’s 10 p.m. performance of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil over at the Mirage. As per usual, the rock stars got VIP treatment, ducking backstage after the show to meet the cast and smile for the camera.

But then it occurred to me: What the hell ever happened to Orgy? Is it even accurate to say “Ryan Shuck from Orgy” if the band no longer exists? Well, I did the ol’ WikiPedia dig and sure enough, the band is not finished, but rather “taking some time off to do independent projects.” Apparently, 2008 might be the year that the death rockers return to the limelight. Oh, and Shuck’s connection to Bennington? The Orgy guitarist — along with fellow Orgy six-stringer Amir Derakh — are working with the Linkin Park singer on a side project, Dead by Sunrise.*

Just for old time’s sake, here’s a little late-’90s love from Orgy:

*Special thanks to reader Lisa for clarifying the status of Bennington’s solo/side project.

7 Responses to “Bennington and Shuck fall in LOVE”

  1. Can I marry Chester please? He’s so gorgeous.

  2. You will likely need permission from his current wife, Talinda Bentley. Oh, and congrats on leaving comment No. 666. EEEVVVVIL.

  3. Damn! Chester is so fucking hot! Must have…! I’d go to the circus with him any day! haha

  4. Just to get some things right that are obviously wrong in the text above:

    Chester doesn’t have a “solo project” but it’s a side project called Dead By Sunrise with the members of Julien-K. Dead By Sunrise is considered a full band and thus it isn’t a solo project. They will probably come out in 2009 but they’ve already had their live premiere at this year’s Club Tattoo Anniversary Party where they performed three songs. Ryan Shuck helped to produce the debut album but he is not “the producer”. But he’s playing guitar and sings backing vocals.

    Julien-K, in turn, is the current project of Ryan Shuck (who is still guitarist in Orgy) and Amir Derakh (who is still guitarist in Orgy as well) which was formed in 2003. Check their music out at – they’re just awesome!! :)

    Oh, and by the way, I don’t know why some people think Orgy is “death rock” but to me, this expression just doesn’t fit at all. Let’s call it “electronic rock” or “synthie rock” or maybe “industrial rock” but “death rock” seems to be improper.

    No hard feelings – I just wanted to get this right since I’m kinda into all stuff of both musicians.

  5. harakiri says:

    if you do some additional digging please do it right. wikipedia’s not exactly the place for the most accurate information.

  6. Chester is sooo sexy!! But he’s married… ¬¬’

  7. My god Ryan Shuck is good looking. + can’t wait for dead by sunrise stuff to be released; been waiting what feels like years! I think it might literally be years actually. Pretty sure it’ll be worth the wait though.