Good deals for all types of music lovers at House of Blues this week

the breeders

If you’re a member at, then you already know this, and if you’re not, then now’s your chance to sign up and get in on the deals: Tickets to three concerts at House of Blues Las Vegas (inside the Mandalay Bay) are going two-for-one today at 10 a.m. as part of’s weekly “2-for-Tu” promotion.

First up is The Breeders, featuring one of the elder stateswomen of indie rock, Kim “yes, from the Pixies” Deal. If you haven’t ever seen this group best known for its 1993 alternative radio hit, “Cannonball,” then you can quickly grab some indie cred by doing so, though first you may want to pick up its newest album, Mountain Battles. Tickets for the May 2 show are two for $20 — so yes, $10 a piece. That’s Huntridge Theatre prices!

For you classic rock nuts out there, the original lineup of Asia is back in action, and you can get into the “Heat of the Moment” on May 3 with a pal for $35 — yep, $17.50 a pop to witness the 25th anniversary tour of this legendary super group.

And after Asia gets done rocking off your pants, Lyrics Born hits the stage at the HOB at midnight, at only $17 for two tickets! The legendary underground MC came out of the San Francisco Bay Area scene that also spawned DJ Shadow and Blackalicious more than a decade ago, and Lyrics Born is still going strong today with his new Epitaph album, Everywhere at Once.

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  2. The Breeders HOB parking lot is going to filled with minivans, cougars, and doc martins.